Thursday, July 21, 2011

Van gogh museum

I know as an art student I am supposed to love museums. But I just don't. Went to the van gogh museum today. It was 14 euro to get in and I don't really think it was worth that. They had a ton of his works and different works from the same time period. I liked the exhibit about restoring the paintings. It was cool to see how that is done. They also had a weird lifesize room from his bedroom paintings. Strange. My favorite paintings of his were the ones of shoes. No one else was looking at them, but I thought they were great.
Also saw some work by a different painter, can't remember the name, but they were very detailed and a little creepy. Sweet.

I think I would prefer to spend my time people watching or wandering around cities rather than in museums. I could spend all day sitting in a park or wandering around a flea market, but stick me in a museums and I burn out in fifteen minutes. I feel bad because Amy is better at museums. So I kind of hang back and observe the other museum goers. Didn't see anyone too strange today. Just a little French boy with a floppy bowl cut who didn't like museums either. I guess they have a free scavenger hunt set up for kids. You have to find all the paintings on a list. I should have asked for that.

Face timed with my mom and Colleen today. They both oppose the tights with shorts look I have recently adopted. But whatever, it works really well here. It goes from heavy rain to sun in an hour and tights dry faster than jeans. I had been wearing the same pair of jeans for a week. And the same sweater. Yuck. Bought a lot of things here, but I think they will make the rest of the trip so much more comfortable. Bought: 2 pairs of tights(plain black and lace patterned), one jacket, one pair of ankle boots so I can wear tights around, and a watch. No more shopping necessary hopefully.

Time to go eat. We are going to buy a tram card and go to dam square and look for some food. We are going to pick up some bread and stuff at the grocery store on our way back so we should be all set for the train tomorrow.

Next post from london! So excited.

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