Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Museums and markets

Went to the Tate modern museum yesterday. I think it was my favorite so far simply because the art inside was hilarious. One piece was a canvas with a mirror glued to it. That is all. Another was a white weirdly shaped octagon stuck to the wall. Loved it. I like one that reminded me of princess diaries. She filled baloons with paint and stuck them to the canvas, covered the whole thing in layers of plaster and then had people shoot at the piece to break the balloons. Sweet. It was very different from the Jesus painting filled museums we visited before.

Right outside the museum was the Harry potter death eater attack bridge. Millennium bridge I think is the real name. But it was sweet! We walked across it and I kept waiting for it to move and twist but it never did.
After that we walked around the outside of st Pauls cathedral and finally found a burrito place! I have wanted a giant chipotle-esque burrito for weeks. This place was called chilango and was essentially British chipotle. Hooray! So great.

Then we headed back to the hostel for happy hour and hung out with some hostelers. Talked with a guy who was a body guard for Michael Jackson when he stayed in London. Amazing. He said mj was a super nice guy, which is nice to know.

Today we went to the Camden markets. They are so huge. There were so many shops/stalls full of everything you could ever want, need, or think of. Goth clothes, frilly clothes, vintage, new, handmade, food, accessories, leather things, sunglasses, tights, I bet you could buy a pet if you tried. Some of the booths were in old horse stables and there were tons of horse statues around. I bought a pair of sunglasses because I have already broken the two pairs I brought with me. We got some indian food there, it was good, but I think I am too in love with Krishna to properly enjoy other restaurants.

Tonight we might do a pub crawl through Camden and tomorrow we are thinking of going to a park or platform 9 3/4.


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