Sunday, July 24, 2011

Midgets singing whitney

Sorry it has been a while since I wrote anything....

Let's see... Amsterdam:
Our last night there we decided to walk through the red light district, because you pretty much have to in Amsterdam. It was weird to walk through and walk past guys with their faces pressed up the glass, or talking with the girls about prices and rules... We were just walking through but people were actually there to buy some quality time with the ladies. Interesting.
After that we went back to our hostel to finish packing and went to bed because we had to wake up at five ish for our train. Earlier in the day we got some French fries in a giant cone. All the rage in amsterdam. They were great.

We took a train to Brussels and switched from there to the eurostar to London. Got a few more stamps in my passport because we finally went somewhere not in the EU. Hooray.

Got to london around 1:30. I got a little confused because I forgot about the time difference between Amsterdam and london. Five hours difference between london and the states. It was six everywhere else we have been.

We bought a week long tube ticket which has been great. If we take the tube twice a day in ends up being a good deal. Also it is nice because you don't have to buy tickets every day you can just keep using the same card. We walked around a little bit after we checked in. Check in is at the bar.  We are staying at a hostel that is above a bar. We are on the third floor though so it has been quiet. The hostel/bar staff are super nice and helpful. 

Friday night we went down to the bar for happy hour, super cheap pints, and ended up staying for the night. Some weird old guy kept buying us drinks which was cost effective, but annoying because then we had to talk to him. As the night went on he got creepier and creepier so we bid him farewell and thankfully he left.

Saturday we did the free walking tour. We got a bit of a late start because our tube station is closed. So many stations and lines are shut down on the weekends for repairs. Difficult.
We got to the meeting point about fifteen minutes late and figured we would just slip into the tour group that was standing there. We did a great job joining the group and then heard everyone start talking. In spanish. Oops, Spanish tour. Our Spanish was not good enough for that. So we walked fast in the direction the other group went and found the English tour.
The guide was really nice and had some good stories to tell. We saw a lot of the main things, palaces, churches, government buildings things like that. And a great park that I want t go back to. It was adorable and had a nice water feature. I'm all about parks with water features.

Saturday night the bar has karaoke. Insane. There is a midget who frequents the bar and she loves to karaoke. From behind she looks exactly like a small child, which was a little shocking because I definitely thought a seven year old was getting hammered. False alarm, just a tiny tiny lady. She was the worst karaoke singer I have ever heard. She tried to do whitney. She started a few beats too late and just kept getting worse. We were talking to a nice british guy and he informed us that people here have no shame, that was very apparent. We went outside because it was getting super hot in the bar. Some drunk lady starts talking to us and after a few stories we didn't want to hear, she informed us that she is psychic. I had to ask her if she was getting and psychic readings at that moment, she grabbed my hand and read my palm. Anyone curious about my future? She was spot on. Not.
Apparently I will settle for a nice/average man and we will have two sons. Hah. Also she said I am not an adventurous person and will live a calm boring life with little to no risk and I will have a boring simple job. Not adventurous? Lady, I'm living out of a back pack for three months... Not adventurous my ass. She also said I have been pregnant before. Not true.

Oh well, she seemed pretty excited when she guessed that there was a spot in my life that had some water... She kept waiting for me to say something so I gave in and said my family lived on a lake. She was pumped. We walked away.

At midnight the bar closes to the public and is just for the hostel guests. We hung out for a few hours with some nice girls from Norway and a bunch of Australians(of course) and then we bought some pizza and went to bed. The pizza here is delicious and cheap. Score.

Today, on the hostel managers suggestion, we went to the brick lane markets. They were hipster paradise. I was not looking very cool today so I felt pretty lame, but the markets were amazing. So many clothing and jewelry and vintage stands and tons of ethnic food. We got ethiopian food at closing time so it was really cheap. 

We are staying in a nine bed dorm, triple bunks. I'm in the middle bunk and the are very close together. I have hit my head/neck a few times... The only real problem with the room is that there is no where to put your things. There are tiny lockers that fit my iPad and and money but that is pretty much it... Also we may be staying in a room with 8 super slobs, Amy and I included. There is stuff everywhere! But everyone in the room is really nice. And chill/lazy. It was great to wake up today at noon and see that everyone else was still in bed too. Beautiful. I love Sundays.

Tomorrow we are going to go to the Tate modern or the Camden markets. Woot. The museums are free so when I get bored after five minutes I can leave without feeling like I wasted tons of money. Yay.

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