Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Got to the train station a little after eight today.
England isn't included as part of the eurail pass so we had to buy a ticket from brussels to London. Cost 94 euros. Bummer. But it is a rapid direct train that goes through a tunnel. So we can't really mess it up. We though we would have to take a train to a ferry to a bus and a bunch of tricky switches in there. This last week has been pretty expensive considering the Paris metro fine, the London ticket, bike rental and the need to buy warmer clothes/footwear to avoid getting sick. We should be okay if we eat very little/ find a cheap grocery store in london. Won't need to buy anything except food and museum tickets for a while though.

The bikes were really great today. So easy to get around by bike here. We went to a brewery windmill thing and two different parks and biked around some canals.

Tonight we are doing a cheap pub-crawl to meet people and see some nightlife. It is the cheapest/best way to see nightlife in each place. So we have decided we can do one in each place as long as we eat cheap food during the rest of our time.

The time schedule here is weird. The stores open around 10 and close at 6. Pub crawl meets at 8:30. Everywhere else they started at 11 or 12. Strange.


I'll put up more pictures soon.

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