Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Athens airport


Just killing time in the athens airport. They have free wifi. Score.

Their airport is set up strangely though. Once you pass through security there are nit any shops. No food places. No snack places. No airport bars. Nothing.

So confused.

The nice airport lady directed us to gate A7 where there was a tiny little kiosk pretending to be a coffee shop. I had 15€ to spend so I bought some motion, water, chips, candy and chocolate covered Oreos. So healthy. But that is all they had. And motion is good for you. And I can't spent euros at home.

So... Athens...

Our ferry from Mykonos got in a little late and we had to wait in a crazy taxi line to get a cab to the hostel. The cab driver had no idea where he was going and kept calling his friends and asking something about our street name and the area it was in. We finally arrived at the right street and the hostel had no signs outside but there were some guys sitting on a stoop and they said it was the hostel. Also one of the guys introduced himself like this: "my name I Alejandro, like the lady gaga song" awesome. Get it Alejandro from Argentina.

The hostel was okay. You had to pay for a hot shower and the water lasted seven minutes. And for some reason the showers were elevated from the floor and had drop ceilings. Real people can't fit in those showers Greece. Must have been a hostel catering to the midget backpacking population.

We went to bed and got up and went to the acropolis the next day. We heard that it cost six euro with the student card and twelve for regular people. We got to the desk and the lady asked Amy where we went to school and she said trinity college in Ireland so we got in free. We had noticed that European union students get tons of free stuff. Somehow this lady believed that we went to school in Ireland and just let us in. Woot.

We walked around and looked at(touched) old stuff. We couldn't walk around in the Parthenon unfortunately because it is covered in scaffolding. They are re-building it or something lame. I think they should leave this one alone and go build a replica somewhere else. Or a wax copy or the Parthenon for Madame toussades or whatever.

After that we ate some gyros and went to see Bad Teacher. Marshall from how I met you mother was in the movie and I'll see anything he's in. The movie was good. We were the only people in the theater, amy, paige(girl from our room) and I.

Next day we wandered around a little bit and packed up our life. I threw away my spanish shampoo and body wash after my midget shower last night and threw out my sheet towel and washcloths this morning.

We got up at 540 ish and left to get a bus to another bus to the airport. Saw the guards at some giant building doing a hilarious walk/ballet routine. They have giant puff balls on their shoes and swung their legs up to their face while walking around and pivoting. So great. Couldn't get my camera out, but I'll try to find a picture online later.

Got to the airport and made it through security, the guy was really confused by my hand sanitizer, but he let it go. Amy got randomly searched before entering gate 13. We were the only two people there. So funny.

Now we are just waiting for our 11:20 flight. We got here extra early because Amy wasn't allowed to check in online for some reason. But it worked out fine at the airport.

Time to eat Oreos for breakfast.

Bye! See you all in the states soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Petros and his pals

Update on the giant bird situation:

They are the unofficial mascots of Mykonos. There was one roaming around the island for a while and his name was petros. Petros got hit by a car in 1985 so they(those mysterious people who are always doing things) brought in three more giant birds to help keep everyone in line. Now there are three giant birds wandering around the streets. I think they are all still named petros. Or petras. But I don't want to get close enough to determine os vs as.

Also there are a billion cats here and I am thinking of filling a carry on with cats and nutella. It just feels like the right choice.

We are taking a ferry tonight to Athens. Leaving Mykonos at 7:25 and getting to Athens at midnight ish. I wish we had stayed in santorini for two weeks. The beaches here just could not compete. But there were giant birds, so I guess it was worth it.

Bobby, the pension hotel owner may or may not drive us to the port. I hope he does because I don't want to pay for a cab. I'm trying to not take any more money out of the ATM because I don't want to come home with euros I can't do anything with.

Athens plan:

Look at acropolis.
Drink ouzo.

Buy nutella to take home.
Pack bags for flight.

Somehow make it to the airport by 9 ish in the morning.
Locate plane.
Check a bag.
Arrive at JFK around 3 ish.
Linger around JFK until 6 ish
Fly away home.
Arrive in Cleveland around 8:30

Or eat pierogies and chips and salsa.
And then sleep.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Double trouble

Sep 6, 2011-1 by michelle.e.kowalski
Sep 6, 2011-1, a photo by michelle.e.kowalski on Flickr.


Giant birds in mykonos

Sep 4, 2011-5 by michelle.e.kowalski
Sep 4, 2011-5, a photo by michelle.e.kowalski on Flickr.

He just wants some crepes. I get you giant bird.


Aug 31, 2011-111 by michelle.e.kowalski
Aug 31, 2011-111, a photo by michelle.e.kowalski on Flickr.

Most hilarious form of transportation.


Sep 2, 2011-18 by michelle.e.kowalski
Sep 2, 2011-18, a photo by michelle.e.kowalski on Flickr.

Mannequins here are super extreme.


Sep 2, 2011-45 by michelle.e.kowalski
Sep 2, 2011-45, a photo by michelle.e.kowalski on Flickr.

Safety first as I always say.... Or never actually say but whatever. Helmets!! You can imagine how awesome our hair was after this day.