Thursday, September 1, 2011

24 hour bakery.

Greetings from paradise.

I am considering never leaving the Greek islands. Seriously. We got to santorini and were met at the ferry port by the hostel owner/manager and he drive us up the terrifying winding road to the hostel. We are staying two or three minutes from the largest beach on the island. The showers here are nasty, but who even cares??

We layer around on the black sand beach the first day, I keep getting a little confused when I look a the beach and the sand is dark, but it is so great. The water is crystal clear even when you go out to 8 to 10 feet deep. You look down and think you can touch, nope. Super far down...

Next day we took the bus to fira a main city on santorini. Cute little winding streets full of shops. Walked around there for a bit, got some falafel gyros and called it a day. They put french fries on the gyros here. I asked what was in the vegetarian gyro and one guy listed potatoes.... Soooooooo French fries? Delicious.

There is a 24 hour bakery about two minutes from our hostel. They have the most amazing things wrapped in philo dough. Spanekopita or however you spell it is only 1.90€ amazing! They have great desserts too! We have found that it is cheaper to buy pre made food here than to try and make our own. So easy!

Got some Greek yogurt with strawberries for breakfast, it is better here than at home.

The next day we took an all day excursion that included: walkng up a volcano, swimming in natural hot springs, riding a donkey up a volanic island and watching the sunset over santorini. All for 20€. so great. It is nice that the food and our hostel are soooo cheap here because we can actually afford to do things. Such a treat.

The volcano was a long, hot walk but the views from the top were amazing. Took tons of photos and am in the process of uploading them to flickr.

The hot springs were kind of nasty. Not hot enough to not feel like swimming through pee. And there were some bright orange rocks that got stirred up with the water so we all ended up covered in orange slime. I can count it as something I have done now.

We then took a ferry to thirassia a small rather deserted island. Payed five euro and rode donkeys up a steep winding cliff side. The donkeys were hilarious. They just do whatever they want on the walk up. Kept ramming me into the concrete wall and the bushes on either side. Such a crazy experience.

Thirassia was gorgeous in the little collection of houses and churches. Saw a lot of cute kittens lounging around.

Then we went to oia to watch the sunset and wander around. Oia was nicer than fira. It was exactly what you would picture when you think or Greece. Beautiful white buildings with blue accents and large domed churches popping up all over the place.

Sunset was really pretty too, unfortunately there was a lot of fog so we couldn't see the sun sink into the water, but I got hundred photos anyways.

Today we went to the beach. Walked twenty minutes down to a bar on the beach that had a pool with a bubble section and great lounge chairs on the beach. You buy a drink and lay around all day. We got frappes. Big hit in Greece. Instant coffee, water, milk and sugar blended together and served with ice. Delicious. Got a ridiculous sunglasses tan today because it was too bright to lay around without them on. Brilliant.

Tomorrow the plan is to rent scooters or atvs and ride around the island. Can't decide which one I want to get... I have always wanted to ride a scooter around Europe, but an atv would be easier to drive I think. I'll just decide whenever we get to the rental place.

Time to FaceTime Jennifer. Byeeeeee!

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