Thursday, June 23, 2011

Walking tour


Took a three hour walking tour around Madrid today. Our tour guide's name was Pablo and he was pretty good. Told some funny stories about current Madrid and some history. He recommended a lunch place which as nice, difficult t read the menu though. Tere are some tricky words for meats... I'll have to learn those.

Amy and I are in a five person dorm, only four people in it right now though so that is nice.
One of the people is Muslim and it was interesting watching her prayers, she used torn out magazine spreads as a floor covering so that was unique.

Other things about the hostel, they have an activity type thing planned for every night,flamenco dancing, sangria night, walking tours and pub crawls... We are thinking of doing the flamenco thing on Sunday, I think it is a performance or something not a lesson...

The showers are see through, but you can hang a towel over them to block some of your bod, not many people do that. Also I think they take the semi frosted glass as permission to be naked throughout the whole bathroom. Hello people, I am trying to brush my teeth, put it away.

They have bathrooms with three showers on each floor, a men's and a women's bathroom, and they clean them every day which is nice. Everything is pretty clean.

Went to plaza mayor on the tour. I t was really touristy and kind of weird. There were three different people dressed up as minnie mouse trying to get you to come up to them... And a spider man. And a few people selling strange things you put in your mouth to sound like a bird. Chirping everywhere! Gah.


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