Sunday, June 26, 2011

25 Jesus's per euro

We went to the prado museum today. It cost four euro with our student card which wasn't bad. We wanted to make sure we saw enough art to get our money's worth, so we decided the best way to decide that was by the number of Jesus's we saw. Eventually stopped counting but we guessed approx 25 Jesus/euro... Not too shabby.

They had quite few paintings we recognized, by Goya, Velazquez, Rubens, etc. I wanted to touch the paintings, but i refrained. I just kept thinking about how difficult it was for me to paint skin tone without looking blue or green and these master painter guys totally rocked it. And we saw a few scultptures, lots of contrapposto.

After the museum we stopped for food and got something that was not French fries this time. Win. We each got a scrambled egg, potato, vegetable, cheese thing. They were delicious, but huge... We have leftovers for tomorrow now. Huzzah

Also ran into a protest/ demonstration for freedom in Syria. I'll post a picture later...

Thankfully the prado had Amy's favorite painting of all time...
Now we can check that off our list

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