Monday, June 27, 2011

Not enough deodorant in the world

Went to the palace today. It was so extremely decorated that I don't think I could stand living there. But I guess if Spain asked me to move in, I couldn't really say no... Brocade cloth on the walls that matched the drapes and couches and things. And detailed paintings or carving on the ceilings. It was gorgeous though. Lots to look at. The apothecary section was cool, lots of bottles and jars and labels. Love a good label.
It was super hot out though and I almost took the guy near the line up on his offer for cold water. My water is hot by the time we get anywhere. On the way home we had to stop and put our feet in the fountain for a little bit.
I don't think Amy or I have ever put on so much deodorant in our entire lives. I thought the one stick might last me most of the summer. No way. But it is better than being one of those people you walk by in the street who smells horrible. Hey mom, super glad I packed my perfume in my quart sized bag. So much easier than laundry. Boom.

Last night Amy and I went out with some English guys from the hostel. Talked about Harry potter a lot. Ended up at some place called "laser karaoke" the seven of us sang a beautiful rendition of bohemian rhapsody. Killed it.

Taking the night off so that we have a chance of waking up in time to go go Toledo tomorrow.


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