Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sorry Toledo family, but this Toledo in Spain wins. All of the buildings are old and gorgeous. I haven't gotten those pictures off my camera yet, but I took tons! Small winding streets and huge stone buildings. Amy and I started off by following a group of Asian tourists around just to make sure we were going the right direction. Sorry strangers, we are creeps.
There was a lot of don Quixote things to look at and a large collection of weapons in each store. Think cross-bows and daggers. Amy and I each bought a hand fan, because it was a billion degrees and totally acceptable to use hand fans here.
Got back from Toledo and did a tapas tour. For nine euros you get tapas and a drink at three different bars. Shhh, don't tell the tour guide, but he forget to make us pay. Boom, free tapas and drinks. Then Amy went home and read and chatted with her family because she was tired from the day in Toledo, I had taken a siesta so I way ready to roll. I met our friend Jenna in sol and we went on a pub crawl for a little bit, then broke off and hung out with her Australian friends. The were very generous/ insanely wealthy. Brilliant. We found a late night burrito place. Five am burritos? YUM. Then one of the guys paid for our cab home so we didn't even have to walk. Score.

Today Amy and I went to get our train tickets, and you have to get a number similar to getting meAt in some grocery stores. We had to wait through 200 ish other people, so we had some food and walked around the station. It was huge, there was a rainforesty jungle type situation in the middle and tons of food and touristy stores. Finally got our seats reserved on the AVE rapid train to valencia. Came back and worked on shoving everything in to our backpacks again. I'm 47 percent sure I will get it to close tomorrow. So not too bad.


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