Saturday, June 25, 2011


Went to the Reina Sofia today. Amy andi were almost late meeting the canadians because we were in the middle of a siesta. Also the cleaning guy has come in the past two days while we were napping and so was the French girl, and he makes fun of me each time. He'll ask how are you? And I go with my standard bien... He replies in Spanish: good? But you are sleeping... You sleep a lot...
He probably thinks we hadn't gotten up yet, but we ate breakfast and then went back to bed. Seemed reasonable.

Back to the museum: it was cool. They had some good Dali paintings and a lot of Picasso as well. We went into a room first thouh and thought it was empty or being prepared for the next exhibit because there were a few block things that looked like they could hold sculptures or something... Nope. That was the artwork. Installation about spacial relationships and architecture. Dislike. Not a good spot to start. It got better though.
I got super hungry part way through so we may go back and do the fourth floor later.
Amy and I had plans to get some Spanish food on our way back. Went into a little bar/restaurant and ordered some salad thing and some potato thing. Turns out we got a salad topped with mystery fish stuff and French fries. Ensalada mixa and patatas con dos salsa dos not sound like fish/lettuce salad and French fries. Oh well. We'll try again later. I left there feeling hungrier than before so I grabbed a piece of pizza at the cheap place next door. It is actaully pretty good. About 2 euros too, win.

Got a new set of people in today. Mother daughter duo from brazil. I feel weird about moms or adult type people staying in the "youth" hostel, which are typically supposed to be under 25 ish, but whatever floats your boat strangers.

Amy and I took the night off from the hostel activities/ pub crawling and wandered around Madrid. Got a little lost.... But we figured it out with the help of a cop and a guy closing an umbrella.
Came across some people doing insane bike and rollerblade tricks. It was crazy, so much spinning. The rollerblade guys looked like they were doing figure skating moves, but a little more hardcore.
Outside the reina Sofia there was a lady doing acrobatic dancing type things. She must have been super super strong the way she was lifting herself up on the block thing and flipping around.
I got a few pictures of these performing people... I'll put them up after I get them transferred off my camera.

Pictures are on flickr:

Adios! Time for bed.

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