Saturday, June 25, 2011


Don't really know where to start on any of my blog posts... So hmmm, people in Spain stay out hella late. Five or six am easily. It makes the siestas really amazing but everyone is pretty much dead at the free breakfast at the hostel.
Thursday night the hostel had free sangria night along with some drinking games, it was funny to watch how everyone plays some things a little differently. After a while people started revealing some crazy things in never have I ever.. Those Australians are wild. We made some new friends from the hostel and then met up with Anna and sue, friends from Cincinnati, and joined a pub crawl that started in Puerta del sol. For five euros you got a few free drinks and a free tapa. The last place we went was pretty fun, good dancing, hilarious music though. The dj mixed Aretha's Respect with the shots song. Somehow that totally worked. I kept trying to use my Spanish, it sort of worked out. Between the two of us we get by. 
We bought phones yesterday. The sales lady was really nice, she slowed down her Spanish and threw in a little English for us. People do really appreciate if you try. Also got some delicious pastries and coffee. Cappuccino was great, really hot though, the server lady saw me struggling and brought some ice and laughed a little. Nice though, asked if we were from iceland which was cool. I wish. 
Our phones are all set up, took a little while to find how to switch it all to English, but now we can set alarms and have a better shot of making it to breakfast.
Got some new roommates last night, two girls from finland, they were nice, left today. And a girl from France. We are working on the talking thing.I speak zero words of French, unless you count moulin rouge lyrics....lady marmalade? I think not. But she speaks great Spanish and a little English, so we get by.
Last night we did the hostel organized pub crawl and made some new Canadian friends. We are all going to the museum together later. We bonded over our mutual dislike of some obnoxious girls from Michigan. Sorry if you read this random girls, but you are horrible people.
Spanish bars/ people in general seem to really love nineties music. We hear it everywhere. They also went pretty crazy for elvis and the beach boys last night. One guy broke out some killer moves to impress us. Loved it. 

Met a group from osu, Kelly if you read this I met your old neighbor, billy?, he was nice... You are famous. They are studying in toledo, and one girl said she would email us and offered to show is around on Monday. Also met some guys from England. They said they could show us around London, or maybe get some lunch when we are we'll see about that. A few of us were blonde and we were getting some stares... A weirdo in a vest was all about throwing his full body roll dance moves our way and in general being a huge creeper...I'm good enough at glaring and looking like a mean person so he gave up. Huzzah.

Our new Canadian friends were really funny, although it was their last night, they started about a month ago and are going home tonight. One is a lifeguard...insta-bond. Amy and stephanie, one of them heading back a little before Alex and I. They were hungrier... Totally valid. You are starving after a few hours of walking and dancing. Alex and I got pizza on the walk home...yum five o clock pizza. It was amazing.
Met a cool guy from Australia last night while making some pasta. He has been going for four and a half months now... Going to do six. Super cool.
When you meet people here everyone has the same questions: where are you from? Where have you been? What is next? How long in Madrid? Hw ling total? I'm getting really fast at listing off our locations. Woot. Hoping to keep improving throughout the trip, at the end I'm sure I'll have it down to a second or so. 
Bathroom update:
Showers have a thirty second timer... So you have to push the button a lot. The stalls are bigger than the shower in cincinnati though, we must really live in squalor. 
And my towel only covers the top half of the door.... So I can block my face... Now people may only recognize me from my rear. Hmmm...

Time to siesta. We are meeting our Canadian friends at the museum at three. 


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