Thursday, August 18, 2011



Our last night in Perugia manuele, owner guy, was on vacation but his mom and grandma made pizza for everyone. So delicious. And free. Hooray. I am covered in bug bites from Florence and perugia. I used tons of bug spray and bug repellent wipe things but it was not enough. There are 10-12 on my face and neck and probably 20 ish on my legs. Horrible. Washing my face is tricky now because it makes the bites itch more. I look crazy with welts all ov my face but whatever.

We got a train around 1:45 and headed off to Rome. Train was supposed to be direct, but it ended up stopping and we had to switch to another train. Ran into Jenna, friend from Madrid two months ago on the train. So weird.

Our hostel in Rome is strange. There is free dinner which is great and the guy who cooks the dinner is really nice. He made a separate vegetarian meal for me. That is about the only nice thing about the hostel though... The bathrooms are not clean and there are only two bathrooms for thirty ish people... Also there is a lockout from 11-4 for cleaning, dont know what happens during those hours.

We have noticed tha bathrooms are very strange in Italy. They don't have toilet seats which makes us feel weird. It is fine, squatting and all, but we don't see any reason for not having toilet seats...

We have spent The last couple days wandering around Rome looking at things. It is crazy to be wandering aimlessly down a street and then boom, colosseum. Or boom, pantheon. wild.

We went to the vatican and looked at st peters basilica and then left. Giant lines. We made up for skipping the inside of the Vatican museum and st peters by visiting 5 other churches. Huzzah! Saw the ecstasy of st teresa and a few other famous churches/ sites.

Tomorrow we head off for Naples for 3 nights then sorrento on the amalfi coast for another 3 nights. Then Greece... Which we have yet to plan. Uh oh.


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