Friday, August 12, 2011

Final day in Florence...

And I'm sick and covered in giant bug bites.

Rotten luck.

We bought some bug repellent wipes, but need to pick up more before we leave. I was convinced for a while that some are posionous Italian mutant bug bites and my limbs would fall off soon, but I think I may be okay. Bought some stuff from the farmacia to put on the bites. Also nought some mystery dissolving powder stuff for my cold. We'll see how that works out. Saw the words Johnson & Johnson somewhere in fine print on the box, that has to be a good sign, right???

Bought the gorgeous leather duffles I mentioned in my last post. Amy got a light brown one and I got a medium brown one. So lovely. Can't wait to pack tonight. It is going to be a breeze. I'll take a picture of the bag once it is packed, it looks a little weird empty.

After we bought the bags we lounged around on the terrace and then went to the Lorenzo festival. There was music and long lines for food. We got massive pieces of watermelon and yogurt and pasta. Pasta had meat all up in it so Dan(of Amy and Dan from Australia/Barcelona) passed it on to someone else and I grabbed a kebab on the way home. Super cheap and falaffel is apparently not bad for you. Score!

Did some walking around and found one of many fake David statues. Got some pictures and decided that the lines and 10 euro charge to see real David is not worth it. This fake David was surrounded by a bunch of other statues in a little statue party. Neat-o.

May or may not have bought some little gifts for mis hermanas... Get excited. Also if you are reading I think we should get matching tats. 2014! Tiddlywinks will be 18. think about it. I'll design something snazzy. Think... CATS.

Back to real things...

Went out with everyone from our room last night to an American bar. Dear all Italian men: please don't grab my ass. I know it looks great and all, but really, it is not for you. Go away. Also, don't run back into the crowd before I can kick you in the face. Wimps. Thanks.
The bar was fun other than the creeps. Our group, six of us from our hostel room plus a few other candians our roommates were friends with, took over the hallway leading to the back room and bathrooms and had our own dance party away from the crowds. Started to cheer for people as they would enter or exit the bathroom. Some fun people would get really into it and dance with us for a while. Others tried to walk through without interacting with us. We knew they were just jealous of our prime hallway spot.

Today we booked our train to Perugia, which we just decided to go to today. We had two days to kill before Rome. We are staying in a converted farmhouse in the countryside, should be amazing!
After that we are heading to Rome, staying in a place with free dinners every night, owner used to be a chef. Score! That should save some money.

Then Naples for a few days, day trips to capri and Pompeii and then sorrento campground, cabins, not intense camping. Then off to Greece for a few weeks. Then home. Time flies.

Hey tiddlywinks, I'm looking forward to watching you shake your thang as a rockette when I get back!!!

I'm coming up with a list of things to bring/leave at home for my next backpack trip, and just some things we have learned along the way. I'll post it here if anyone is interested.


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