Sunday, August 21, 2011



Our last night in Rome, Amy's parents treated us to a dinner at a restaurant they really liked from their trip in the winter. It was amazing! Eating food that real people eat and not worrying about how you are going to eat the next day was so excellent. thank you so much!

Got to Naples two days ago. We walked to the train station in Rome from our hostel. Big mistake. It was a billion degrees and we were carrying about 40 pounds of stuff on our backs/in our duffels... This caused my first "what the he'll was I thinking/ what the he'll are we doing?!" moment. I think we both literally thought we might die. Hd to take frequent sitting down/chugging water breaks.

Got to Naples and took a cab to our hostel. Only 15 euro and so worth it.

Naples is interesting. Parts of it are even dirtier than Clifton. Impressive. We ended up finding some nice areas and walking around them. Saw some nice water features, the true indicator of a great city. Walked to the water and tried to get the bus back. We hopped on one bus and the drive said we would have to change buses. Some nice people not he bus told us when to get off and then helped us get the correct bus to our hostel. One man kept trying to talk to use in Italian, then rapid spanish when we said we could do Spanish. Spanish mixed with Italian spoken with a thick Italian accent was too hard for us and I think he got pretty frustrated and gave up. He was nice though and helped us get home!

We are going to try to get to Capri or ischIa today and tomorrow we head to sorrento. The plan is to stop in Pompeii along the way and walk around there if we can drop off our bags at the station. We are staying in a hostel, camping, cabin resort thing in sorrento. On the beach and it has a pool. We are going to try to find a mosquito coil or something before we go. Insects here LOVE me. Covered in bites still. The ones on my face have gone down a lot though so that is nice.

This hostel is nicer than the one in Rome. Though they promised air conditioning online and don't have any here. I wake up drenched in sweat and super uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Tricky tricky.


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