Sunday, August 14, 2011


We are staying at a converted farmhouse in Perugia. It is amazing. We had some trouble finding it and ended up walking really far in the wrong direction. It was super super super hot out and walking with our backpacks and duffles was getting really hard. Thankfully a nice Italian women offered to drive us to the right place. she did not speak any English but she was so nice for driving us. We were walking with two other girls and she could only take two at a time so she made two trips to drive us. So nice.

I have a new life goal of moving to a foreign country and buying a giant house in the country side and turning it into a hostel. this place is great. They take volunteers to staff it, we had emailed them a few months ago but they didn't need any more help for this week. They have a pool and some great deck chairs. And they have tons of animals! Donkey, horses, geese, goats, chickens, a gross looking turkey and some sheep. So great. They also have two dogs, one of them plays fetch with rocks. Only rocks. You can throw something else and she will come back with a rock.

We have decided to stay here another night and go to Rome on Tuesday. Monday hia a holiday so it would have been difficult to get a train anyways.

My fear of bees is becoming a problem. There is a bees nest in the window for our room... They haven't come in yet but everybody laughs at me when I run away from them outside.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them so everyone can see how cute this place is.

Pasta time


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